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What is Custom Cubes?

Custom Cubes started when founders Mike Ouellette and Brent Nelson saw a structured market that needed to be modernized. We wanted to offer a higher quality product for the same or even less cost than the existing options on the market. Not only did we want to do this with the traditional mobile office and storage market, but we wanted to let our clients use their imagination and work with our team from start to finish on developing custom container structures that match our client’s individual needs. As the company has grown and continues to grow, we have been very selective in adding the right members to our team. People that truly care about the company’s vision and share the same passion for exceeding our customer’s expectations with every project.

Our slogan: “Enjoy the quality” is a simple statement but truly represents the importance of quality and longevity in everything that we build. In addition to modifying and using the shipping containers to create custom structures, we have also been working endlessly to create a trusted shipping container sales system. We have implemented multiple inspection processes to ensure quality and offer a “Wind & Watertight” guarantee on all the containers that we sell. We have also set up logistics channels across B.C along with distribution yards to provide cost-effective self-unloading delivery services to all of our customers. We are continuously developing more products and are really excited for the coming years. Upon delivery, if there is any damage to the container that will be covered under the guarantee and we will be sending a team to rectify the issues. We provide a 1-year guarantee on our modified units. Contact us for more details.

What can we do for you?

Using shipping containers to create custom structures, from simple storage solutions to fully finished work & living spaces we have you covered. Whether it’s a custom container project or just a regular shipping container for household storage, let our experienced team assist in bringing your vision to reality.

  • High-quality design & fabrication processes
  • Cost effective, self-unloading delivery services
  • Projects that fit your needs, budget & timeline

Why choose us?

When you’re spending your hard-earned money on any type of project or asset it’s important to place it with an organization that you trust. CUSTOM CUBES dose not cut corners and we are here to make sure that the job is done right! Our team is also available to walk you through the whole process!