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Mobile Offices:

Mobile offices made from repurposed shipping containers, also known as “Steel Offices,” are a great solution for businesses. They offer all the amenities of a traditional office, plus the added benefits of maximum security, rodent-proofing, and easy relocation, setup, and storage. Choose from one of our pre-designed units or let one of our experts help you create a custom mobile office that fits your specific needs.

The advantages of using a shipping container as mobile offices are numerous. Compared to a traditional trailer office, shipping containers are more durable, secure, and reliable. They’re made of steel, which means they can withstand inclement weather and last longer than other types of transportable workspaces. They can also be insulated with spray foam and have heaters installed to keep workers comfortable in any climate.

Electrical concerns are also not an issue with these spaces. Everything is in agreement with the SPE-1000-13 model code set by the Standards Council of Canada. Even with multiple lights, outlets, and heaters, these mobile offices are safe and secure.

If you want to customize your shipping container office, we offer multiple flooring and lighting options, as well as different types of paneling to fit any aesthetic. You can have the classic container look on the outside, but on the inside, it will feel no different from brick-and-mortar construction. For businesses with multiple teams, a partition wall can be added to separate the unit into multiple office spaces.

After hours, there’s no need to worry about the security of your mobile office. Lockboxes and window security guarantees provide peace of mind that your mobile office is safe and secure.