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20’ Sales Centre Project

Looking for an innovative way to showcase your products or services? Introducing the 20’ Sales Centre – a mobile sales and marketing solution that’s perfect for businesses of all sizes. Built from a repurposed shipping container, this 20-foot unit is fully customizable and designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you’re looking to create a pop-up shop, showcase your products at a trade show, or take your business on the road, the 20’ Sales Centre is the perfect solution.

Why buy our 20’ Sales Centre Project?

One of the biggest advantages of the 20’ Sales Centre is its versatility. This unit can be customized to meet the needs of any business, from adding windows and doors to installing custom lighting, HVAC systems, and more. The 20-foot size allows for ample space to showcase products, host meetings with potential clients, and conduct on-site demonstrations. With the ability to move from location to location, the 20’ Sales Centre provides businesses with the flexibility to reach new markets and expand their customer base.

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Don’t wait to start reaching new customers with the 20’ Sales Centre. With its customizable features, versatility, and mobility, this unit is the perfect solution for businesses looking to expand their reach and showcase their products or services in a unique and effective way. Contact us today to get started on creating your own custom 20’ Sales Centre and start taking your business to new heights!